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s                                                Shauna  SHO Figueroa 


                                    *************  GALLERYS &  LIVE PAINTING ************

                                                            *********MURALS **** COMMISSIONS !  ************

                                                         ************* LIVE PAINTING! !*************

                        *************  FACE MASKS!  TEE SHIRTS!! STICKERS!! POSTERS!!!!*************

    Shauna Figueroa / Shauna Hoodes aka Sho is a natural born artist. She expresses her inner feelings with vibrant colored paints, inks crayons & cans flowing free through her designs with stupid fresh skill. She has been painting since the age of 5. Her art is a part of her heart and allows her to be who she is.   Born in Queens NY, grew up in Amsterdam,   raised in N.Y.C.,  Shauna developed and redeveloped her styles and passion thru the years.  Every piece of work is unplanned and all her works come out  dope each time because whatever is in her-comes out on the canvas. She has mad passion for all things graff related and is a big fan of Kandinsky. "Im not a graffiti artit cuz i never painted on trains. But i am 100% GRAFF down."
    At 16 Shauna was a clubkid in NYC and could be found dancing on the regular in clubs like like Roxy , Danceteria,  etc. In the early eighties she got to be a Buffalo Gal in Malcolm Mclarens  Buffalo Gals video. She rocked the mic as S-DEE in emcee battles and DJed a few parties in NYC as well. All elements of old school hip hop culture are incorporated into her very being and allow her cool style to bloom  burst and explode; always blowin up yet remaining on the DownLow (until now)  because Shauna is not about boasting and dropping names - she just loves to create art and share love for all to see!  The SHO is ON yo!!
Exhibits /Live painting  NYC  / NJ  galleries  
Group shows and solo shows  1986 - present
Designs / LOGOs  for industry professionals
Graphics for various clients and companies 
Commissoned works of art sold internationally​
"Shauna is an artist who is a  real  B-girl from back in the  day . You dont even see her bigged up as an artist -  She doesnt need the glory , and she is not hyped up . She is authentic and  I love seeing her art" . Ricky Powell, 2011, Rickford Institute


1971 ........6 YRS OLD

1977........11 YRS OLD